Forex Trading Room (Live)

The Trading Room

Look over our shoulders as we trade the Forex Market. Every week, starting Sunday evening when the Asian markets open, follow our routines for the start of the trading week. After that we’ll be trading live, two times a day, and managing those trades as the week progresses. That’s the short story and should be all you need to know to get really psyched. If you’re interested in participating, use the secure payment button below, and you’ll be receiving the emails with the instructions by Sunday morning (US ET). And the best part? It will only cost you $208 per month (paid yearly). That’s right, for less than the price of 25 pips, you’re in for the entire month. Seriously, you don’t want to pass up on this offer! We routinely clear 600 or more pips in a good month, which means your $210/month investment can easily pay you back $600 just trading minilots, or $6,000 trading full lots. So enroll now to guarantee your spot!

You want the longer version? You get to follow as we perform the start of the week analysis every Sunday evening US Eastern Time, might be Monday morning for you. Depends on where you are. If there are any good trades Sunday evening, we’ll jump in immediately. Otherwise, we’ll wait for the good opportunities to come along. Some weeks we clear over 250 pips, just to give you an idea. And bear in mind that’s looking at the market twice a day for a half hour at a time, you don’t need more than that to make it work.

Follow along with a professional trader, and place the same trades yourself. Live sessions scheduled twice a day at 2pm US ET (7pm GMT) and 8pm US ET (1am GMT). These hours may change seasonally depending on what we deem the best trading hours are at any given time.

What’s the most common complaint new traders have? We asked them. Overwhelmingly the answer was lack of confidence closely followed by lack of a winning system. We think that’s the same answer expressed in different terms. If you had a winning system, you’d have confidence.

We get it!

Maybe you’ve already paid for training and it didn’t help. The difference between us and them is that we care and we want you to succeed. Our business plan does not depend on getting $5,000 from each student every month for as long as we can string them along, or really, until they run out of $5,000 checks.

Or maybe you’ve heard of Forex Trading and you’ve seen the course offers all over and you’re on the fence. Does it really work? If it does, why isn’t everyone doing it? You know, I ask myself the exact same question every day.

How does it work? We start the trading week every Sunday evening, at 6pm US Eastern Daylight Time. Join us then for a quick review of the key Forex pairs to identify promising charts for the week.

Then on Monday we’ll have a session at 8pm. Tuesday through Thursday we meet at 2pm US ET (7pm GMT) and 8pm US ET (1am GMT). Special sessions will be scheduled for high impact Fundamental Announcements, in addition to the above. We’ll open trades in any session where we see good entries, manage our open trades, and learn how to apply the system.

On Fridays, being the last day of the trading week, we meet just once, at 3pm US ET. That’s because the market on that day is winding down for the week, soon to close for two days, and we want to be getting out or at the least, deciding our approach on open trades we plan to hold. We do trade 3 separate accounts, with differing timeframes. The short term account always cashes out on Fridays. The other two are longer term, and frequently hold trades open for weeks, sometimes months, at a time.

Throughout you’ll learn how to use the tools and charts the right way, how to open trades and safeguard yourself against deep losses. How to manage open trades and shepherd the winners to as much profit as possible. You’ll even learn quite a few tricks we’ve learned over the years.

If you can’t make a session, or more than one, we’ve got you covered. You will get emails on every trade placed as we place them, with all the parameters you need in order to trade them, as well as full recordings. You can also use our CopyTrader to have our trades placed automatically in your account.

So seriously, what are you waiting for? Use the easy payment button below and lock in your spot.  Share this link with your trader buddies, let’s spread the joy. We start the week every Sunday at 6pm US ET (11pm GMT).

Yearly Subscription Cost is $2,500

Buy a subscription to any of our Trading Services, the FX CopyTrader, the FX Trading Room, or our FX Signals, and get the other two for free! No coupons needed. You'll be subscribed to all 3 automatically no matter which one you purchase!