7 Proven Tips to Improve Trading Psychology

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Trading Psychology

We all want ways to improve our trading results, that’s a given.  If you’re earning 3% a month you want 6%, and why not?  That’s how we improve as traders, we try and do better than last time. Most traders are just looking in the wrong place for where to make improvements… Externally… new strategy, […]

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Forward testing. Reasons and Rewards.

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back to the future forward testing

At this stage of the game. When you are sitting down to start forward testing you should know exactly what to expect from your strategy. Forward testing differs from backtesting in many ways. Some of you may have heard it called future trading or paper trading, it all means the same. Hopefully you will have […]


The Elite Trader Program

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Elite Trader Steps

We have been getting a lot of emails and queries regarding our Elite Trader Program.  Which is Special FX Academy’s flagship product.  A course built on a dual foundation of psychology and trading that will turn any trader, regardless of experience, into an elite trader.  Learn to control yourself and then apply proper trading strategies to consistently […]

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The Weekly Outlook for Week Starting May 6th, 2018

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By Martin Falbisoner - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=28359031

Here is our start of the week scan of the Forex Market, looking for likely setups for the new week. We determine the current trends and direction of the different Forex pairs, and gain some insight as to what the week might bring. Keep in mind that this isn’t a predictive exercise. No one can […]