Special FX Academy is the leading provider of effective Forex Trading Education and Forex Information. Founded by Traders, run by traders, serving traders. Our mission is to provide the right mental and technical tools to all level of traders, empowering them to succeed, consistently and reliably.

We realize that successful trading starts inside your head, and our curriculum focuses on trading psychology as the foundation upon which everything else is built. Designed by a certified NLP coach, this foundational part of the training provides an eye of the storm calm when trading, without anything unrelated to the market getting in the way.

Upon this bedrock, we will provide a framework that starts out with the basics of the Forex Market, continuing with the simplest, most effective systems for achieving winning trades, and a trading plan that revolves not just on the profit side, but more importantly, on Equity Management. Protecting your capital while allowing it to grow, is what makes successful trading not only profitable, but also fun.

Ultimately, our mission is based on doing it right. As traders, we make our profits trading. Teaching what has cost us so much to learn, sometimes painfully, and helping others do it safely, quickly, and with excellence, well, that’s our mission.

We hope you’ll join us. Excellence wants company.