Elite Trader Program

Special FX Academy’s live trading course. A course built on a dual foundation of psychology and trading that will turn any trader, regardless of experience, into an elite trader. Learn to control yourself and then apply proper trading strategies to consistently make profit in Forex Trading.

Our curriculum takes you step by step, building upon itself, much like a solid edifice is constructed. One that can weather a hurricane and come out standing tall. Taught by specialists in both psychology and trading, we will work with you until you succeed. You are enrolled for life, no upsells, no new courses in a month you have to pay for, once a student, always a student. This is both our commitment and our promise.

There are no scheduled courses of the ETP at this time! This is a live course, so it is time intensive for us. We will update this page when we schedule a new cohort. In the meantime, we do offer our recorded sessions, distilled from the ETP, and actually improved thanks to your feedback, in the form of our Trader Accelerator Program. It also gives you live access to us for Q&A periodically.

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