FX Copytrader

Our FX Copytrader will allow you to connect your trading account(s) to our trades directly and automatically. No more missing out on great trades because you were asleep or away from your computer. Our team is scanning the market for opportunities all the time, and you can take advantage of every single one of them!

We will provide different copytraders based on your preferred style of trading, be it scalping, swing, directional, fundamental, long term, whatever your preferences are, even all of them, we will have a setup for you. All for the same price!

Your risk profile? Not a problem, you can adjust your lot size so you trade at a fraction of our lot size, at the same levels, or at multiples. You decide! We provide the instructions and the trades, you reap the rewards. Have a day job or a business you don’t want to give up? Or do you prefer to pursue your own interests and let a professional trade for you? This is the answer. You carry on doing whatever you please while we trade for you.

Secure? Absolutely! We do not need to know your account details. You connect to us, we do not connect to you.

We are currently testing the system and expect to release it live to our clients by May 15th, 2018. Get in now at the special early bird price. Once we launch in the middle of May (or sooner), price will automatically double. After we reach a certain number of clients, it will triple. Supply and demand.

Join now for a fraction of the price, and better yet, we will lock that price for as long as you remain a subscriber in good standing. No fee increase will ever affect you. Don’t be regretful later when the price skyrockets or we decide that we have enough subscribers.

Act now!

Early Bird Yearly Subscription Cost: $600



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