FX CopyTrader

Our FX CopyTrader will allow you to connect your trading account(s) to our trades directly and automatically. No more missing out on great trades because you were asleep or away from your computer. Our team is scanning the market for opportunities all the time, and you can take advantage of every single one of them!

We will provide different CopyTrader accounts based on your preferred style of trading, be it scalping, swing, directional, fundamental, long term, whatever your preferences are, even all of them, we will have a setup for you. All for one price!

Your risk profile? Not a problem, you can adjust your lot size so you trade at a fraction of our lot size, at the same levels, or at multiples. You decide! We provide the instructions and the trades, you reap the rewards. Have a day job or a business you don’t want to give up? Or do you prefer to pursue your own interests and let a professional trade for you? This is the answer. You carry on doing whatever you please while we trade for you.

Secure? Absolutely! We do not need to know your account details. You connect to us, we do not connect to you. So do you want to eliminate the guesswork, and trade alongside someone who does this for a living, and has been doing quite well for close to two decades?

Our intermediate term account grew over 100% in the last 12 months (it’s the end of March of 2020 as I write this). That’s just one of three accounts you can copy, and we’ll be adding more at some point. For one price, you can copy one or more of them, even all of them, depending on which best suit your financial goals and appetite for risk. Yes, all trading carries risk, but that’s unavoidable. We do our best to control risk, and our results prove it. So what are you waiting for?

Yearly Subscription Cost: $2,500


Buy a subscription to any of our Trading Services, the FX CopyTrader, the FX Trading Room, or our FX Signals, and get the other two for free! No coupons needed. You'll be subscribed to all 3 automatically no matter which one you purchase!