We Learn from what we See, not from what we are Told!

Have you ever noticed that your child never listens to what you say, but will always copy what you do. That’s because one of the best ways to learn is to watch someone else doing it properly. Then we can visualise ourselves doing it properly. And then with added good practice we will be able to do it properly. But if someone tells us not to do something and then we see them doing it themselves. Well then we feel like we are missing out. We ask ourselves why is he doing it but telling us not to. Internally like this …

“See, he did it. I want to do it. He’s an expert and he’s doing it. He probably told me not to because he thinks I’m not ready. Or he’s holding it back as a secret, that’s probably what he sells on his mastermind. I want to do it. I am ready, hell I was born ready. I’m going to do it. I’ve done it … damn … why did I do that”

Or words to that effect.


Trading Room

Which is why we have created our trading room (live).

You get to follow as we perform the start of the week analysis every Sunday evening US Eastern Time, might be Monday morning for you. Depends on where you are. If there are any good trades Sunday evening, we’ll jump in immediately. Otherwise, we’ll wait for the good opportunities to come along. Last week alone we cleared 200 pips, just to give you an idea. And bear in mind that was looking at the market twice a day, you don’t need more than that to make it work.

Follow along with a professional trader, and place the same trades yourself. Live sessions scheduled twice a day at 12pm US ET (5pm GMT) and 5pm US ET (10pm GMT).

What’s the most common complaint new traders have? We asked them. Overwhelmingly the answer was lack of confidence closely followed by lack of a winning strategy. We think that’s the same answer expressed in different terms. If you had a winning strategy, you’d have confidence.

See the phone


Monkey See, Monkey Do

How does it work? We start the trading week every Sunday evening, US Eastern Time. The Asian market opens at 6pm, but we start doing our analysis an hour earlier, at 5pm. Join us then for a quick review of the key Forex pairs to identify promising charts for the week.

Then on Monday we’ll have a session at noon, and another at 5pm. We’ll open trades in both sessions if we see good entries, manage our open trades, and learn how to apply the strategy.

The same schedule and agenda will apply through Friday, except that the second session the last day, being the final one for the week, will start at 3pm. This is because the market at that time is winding down for the week, soon to close for two days, and we want to be getting out.

Throughout you’ll learn how to use the tools and charts the right way, how to open trades and safeguard yourself against deep losses. How to manage open trades and shepherd the winners to as much profit as possible. You’ll even learn quite a few tricks we’ve learned over the years.

If you can’t make a session, or more than one, we’ve got you covered. All sessions are recorded and you get the playback about half an hour after we finish. You will also get emails on every trade placed as we place them, with all the parameters you need in order to trade them.

You will also get read only access to an account set up exclusively for the Forex Trading Room. Have it open at your desk, or even open on your phone, and check it anytime for new activity. That said, trades will only be opened during the live sessions. No surprises while you’re not looking.


Walk the Talk

You get to be with a real trader placing real trades. Watch him analysis the charts at the weekend. And best of all you may also get to see him do nothing. Some of the best trading education out there still forgets to teach you to do nothing if there is nothing to do. Some of your best trades will be the ones you didn’t take. 80% of new traders mistakes are not sitting on their hands. You think because you made an effort to sit in front of the charts that you should take a trade. Or maybe you just want to feel involved, you just plain feel better when you have a trade in play.

Real Elite Traders don’t do that they are like hunters, predators. They wait for the best opportunities. And that’s not always easy when you first start out. Which it is why it is great to have an Elite Trader in a room with you twice a day. To not only find you trades to place. But to keep you out of trades you really should not be in.

What better way to learn to trade is there. You will also learn how to take a loss. As part of your trading. Easier said than done, but when the expert shows you and laughs about it in the room with you. You will truly start to understand that a loss is just part of the game. And is to be expected.

See the Elephant


Best Practices Too

You are also going to see all the best practices too. We don’t just talk about routines, checklists and trading journals. I will be in the room showing you, so that you can see what is involved and how it is extremely useful to you. You will see how we structure them for ease, while not losing their purpose. All of our tools have been created specially for this trading room. It is a one stop learning room for all and the first step to your success …

Forex Trading Room (Live)      Check it out here, you won’t be disappointed.




To Your Consistently Profitable Trading



Happy Trading Friends

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Callum McLean

Co-Founder and Trading Psychologist at Special FX Academy
Trading Psychology Coach and Certified NLP Coach. It is my belief that trading is 99% Psychological. And it is by understanding and improving your psychology, that you can be a successful trader. Success is a formula that everyone can and should learn.
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