The Most Important Forex Webinar of the Year

The Forex NunWe’ve been hard at work here at Special FX Academy for the past few months refining the idea that first made us decide to start the academy. And now we’re ready to share it with you in the single most important Forex Webinar you will ever attend. Ever! What’s the single biggest obstacle to your success as a Forex Trader? We know what it is and we will share it with you in any of the webinars we’ve scheduled for the coming week! We’ll also tell you why there’s a nun!

Don’t miss out, as this will likely not be repeated for months to come. Pick the one that best suits your schedule and sign up NOW! We’ve tried to set them up over several days and at different times so no matter where you are around the world, you can find one that’s convenient. Don’t miss out, because these are all live, and we will be answering your questions. They’re also free, and there will be a lot of value delivered, along with a few goodies and prizes for attendees. Why would you miss it?

Friday, January 5th, 2018 at 14:00 (2pm) US Eastern Time
Friday, January 5th, 2018 at 19:00 (7pm) US Eastern Time
Monday, January 8th, 2018 at 03:00 (3am) US Eastern Time
Tuesday, January 9th, 2018 at 05:00 (5am) US Eastern Time
Wednesday, January 10th, 2018 at 10:00 (10am) US Eastern Time

You did miss it, didn’t you? Catch the replay here:

This is the gamechanger. If you’ve ever bought a Forex course and not had the results they promised, this is for you. If you haven’t, this is also for you. A completely different approach that actually works. How do we know that? Simple. We’ve been in your shoes. Now it’s time to share what worked for us, and will definitely work for you.

MoneyOther Forex Schools and Trainers are going to focus on making you their profit machine. You know what I mean. They’ll rope you in with a course that promises you the world, but that’s only the first of many appetizers, as they continue to sell you course after course, product after product, strategy after strategy, never getting to the entrée. Have you ever bought a program calling itself The Ultimate Forex Course or words to that effect?

Let’s go to Webster’s for a moment.

DictionaryDefinition of ultimate
1     a : last in a progression or series : final their ultimate destination was Paris
b : eventual 2 they hoped for ultimate success
c : the best or most extreme of its kind : utmost the ultimate sacrifice
d : most remote in space or time : farthest
2 :   arrived at as the last result the ultimate question
3     a : original 1 the ultimate source
b : basic, fundamental
the ultimate nature of things —A. N. Whitehead
c : incapable of further analysis, division, or separation

So can anyone explain to me why I would need to buy anything else covering a subject after I’ve already bought the “Ultimate” anything that covers it? Yeah, neither can I. And in this webinar we’ll give you our guarantee that you won’t need to buy any additional training from us or anyone else, and we’re not even going to call ours ultimate.

Forex WizardDid you know that Forex Trading doesn’t need to be complicated? You don’t need special math. You don’t need wizardly abilities. You don’t even need to buy any special software (it’s available for free). In fact, this is so uncomplicated that you can successfully trade the market in an hour or so a day, after you’ve gotten home from your job, and add a significant chunk of income on top of anything else you make. It can easily be so significant that you may decide to abandon the idea of being a wage slave and simply trade for a living.

Secret SauceBut you can only achieve this if you do it the right way. If you have the right framework. If you have our secret sauce. We’ve packaged everything that took us years to learn, and structured it the right way. No more guessing. No more jumping from one guru to the next. No more frustration. And it all begins here.

Join us and let’s, together, make 2018 the Year You Became a Successful Trader!

Buy a subscription to any of our Trading Services, the FX CopyTrader, the FX Trading Room, or our FX Signals, and get the other two for free! No coupons needed. You'll be subscribed to all 3 automatically no matter which one you purchase!
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Founder and Director of Special FX Academy, Andres is now a full time trader, mentor, and writer. In the past, Andres has held director level positions at venerable trading exchanges including New York Stock Exchange, Euronext, and Fannie Mae. Buy his Forex Trading book here!

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