The Holy Grail of Trading

The Holy Grail of Trading…

Finally, it’s here…

My Journey…

I had a mission, admittedly no different from any other unsuccessful Trader. What is the Trading “Holy Grail”. Why can some people trade with ease, and others…me…could not. Let me clear up something real quick, I am not stupid. I know there is no “Holy Grail”, system or strategy. If there was whoever owned it would kick butt until he sold it to everyone and then everyone would be super rich. No, that can’t be right. If everyone owned the “Holy Grail”, system or strategy…who would lose. Therefore you can not have a system or strategy that is the “Holy Grail.” If that’s what you are searching, you are in the wrong place.

That doesn’t mean the “Holy Grail” doesn’t exist though. So, armed with a bottle of water, pen and paper. The smallest backpack you’ve ever seen, with one change of easy clean and dry clothes, and my couchsurfing app. It’s true I’m old school, I love pen and paper. I went in search of the “Holy Grail”…

Knights Templar

I decided to retrace the steps of the Knights TemplarFollowing my belief that they had once held in their hands, the secrets of eternal life and the key to consistent profits in the market. They were cut throat traders in their day. They just took what they wanted from the poor and blackmailed the rich. I wonder if they created the media…

 They must have hidden their secrets somewhere, maybe they sold them via the only distribution channel they had, The World Wide Market Stall. Do you know I bet it was them that started monthly subscription, because it took them a month to deliver the monthly newsletter. But I’m detracting the “Holy Grail of Trading” would have been a closely guarded secret, I would have to go to the farthest corners of the earth. If I was ever to find it…

The farthest corners of the earth

I fought raging battles with “Anger”, my FX Broker. As he went after my stops, over the highs of the Alps. He would go within pips of my Take Profit and then turn around with a real venom and pace. Then phone me up as if nothing had happened to ask “Is there anything I can help you with today?”…

I was dragged mercilessly through the depths of the Mariana Trench, by the evil feeling of “Jealousy”, of my fellow but successful Trader. But I continued my search, knowing that what I would find would help, for not only me, but thousands like me who just wanted to know “How to trade forex consistently without going broke.”

The Scars

I had to endure the dust storms of Africa, where “Greed” whipped sand across my face and stole the money out of my pocket. Forcing me to over trade and risk over exposure to correlated markets. He made me watch as my winning positions whipsaw and turn into a loss. Why O why did I always want those very last pips, they always seemed so close…

 In the snow blizzards of Canada, I couldn’t see clearly. However, I knew what was happening to me was unjust, so I couldn’t help but take my “Revenge” against a market so cruel and contrite. I didn’t win that revenge trade or any after it. It was useless I had been badly scarred, and  was lucky to still be alive (read still have a little capital). My Journey would need to start again. Starting with some realistic trading goals, or my dream of Knights Templar success would fade and die.

New Guide, New Battles

With perspiration dripping down my face, I took another step into the humid jungle of Brazil. Gripped by the “Fear” of losing.  “It won’t last”, I would say to myself. Always believing my trade would reverse in my favour, while going deeper into the darkness of stress and anxiety.

I hoped my journey was nearing an end, as I could feel a “Hatred” rise in me at all before me, who kept telling me “You need only buy this system or that strategy and the key to FX Trading will be yours”, thousands were spent in blood, sweat and tears (and… real hard cash) as I crossed the barren InterWeb of Siberia.

My final battle was won by spinning around three times, with a finger on my nose and one hand on my left knee for the first two spins and my right knee for the last spin. I survived the most dreaded of places…McDonald’s of America. My Superstitions saved me, or was it because I never went in…No, it must have been the spinning (Yes there is Superstitions in Trading and No they don’t help!!)

What I learnt

I had made it home, and it was there that I found it. I Callum McLean found “The Holy Grail of Trading”. Admittedly I found it at home, after my long-winded journey. In my Bathroom of all places… No, it’s not the shower curtain or even the mirror, it’s what I saw in the mirror. I Callum McLean am The Holy Grail of Trading…Haha, I wish. Of course not, we all are. I am just my “Holy Grail” of Trading. I spent all that time looking externally for my answer, when all the time it was always within.

We are all our own Holy Grail. You just need to work on your Psychology, you need to lose those pesky negative emotions, Anger, Jealousy, Greed, Revenge, Fear, Hatred and Superstition. But also don’t trade from your positive emotions either. Only then will you know how to trade the forex correctly.

Trading is easy when you get rid of all the baggage holding you back. Can it be done by yourself ? Of course, I managed it in three years and thousands of hours of hard work.



I’m not going to lie to you, working on myself was the hardest thing I have ever done and it will never be finished. It is, however, the most rewarding task I have ever undertaken and it continues to give back to me every day.

It all starts with a destination a SMART Goal. You must know where you want to go. How will your future look. You accomplish this here… by signing up to our newsletter.

So would I do it again? Big yes! This time I would take a few shortcuts, first one being to get with a Coaching Mentor in my niche. Someone who has not only started from the bottom and worked their way up. But also someone who will be there for the journey, personally giving their time. Willing to share what they learnt from their own journey, which can dramatically save you time.

If you are struggling to learn to trade consistently by yourself, then I would suggest taking a look at our Trading Room. Here you will gain access to two coaches, Andres – Director of Trading and myself Director of Trading Psychology. Where else can you learn and be coached by a Trading coach and a Trading Psychology Coach, while making pips?


To Your Consistently Profitable Trading



P.S. What did you think of this Lesson? Please share it with us in the comments below!

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Callum McLean

Co-Founder and Trading Psychologist at Special FX Academy
Trading Psychology Coach and Certified NLP Coach. It is my belief that trading is 99% Psychological. And it is by understanding and improving your psychology, that you can be a successful trader. Success is a formula that everyone can and should learn.
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