This website is focused on Forex Trading. All trading carries risk. All trading comes with the possibility of losing your funds, up to and including every last penny. Forex Trading carries that same risk, and in fact, also the potential to lose more than you have in your account.

If you choose to trade the Forex Market, then you knowingly accept this risk. This website, and the materials, products, and services you access through it, are designed to teach you how to trade the Forex Market in as safe a manner as possible. The emphasis is on “as possible”. There are no guarantees that you will succeed, and no guarantees that the worst case scenario, loss of all your funds, or even loss of more than your funds, will not ensue.

By using this website, its material, its products, and its services, you agree to hold no one other than yourself responsible for the results you obtain trading the Forex Market. You also acknowledge that you are aware of the risks involved and accept them. You specifically agree that Special FX Academy, its employees, and its directors, are to be held blameless and are not liable for any negative results in your life, account balance, or general happiness with yourself as a result of applying the knowledge and/or training you acquire from us.

We recommend you never trade with or place more money at risk in the market than you are prepared to lose. We will teach you as much as we can on how to safeguard your account and your trading to avoid losses. You will have better odds than traders without this knowledge. But the risk will never be zero.

If you do not agree with the above, then this site is not for you. And, really, trading is not for you.

And that’s the end of this disclaimer.