The Cool Secrets To Passive Income (Part 2)

You really need to be investing your money into your future it’s a simple as that. It makes no sense what so ever not to…

It is almost certainly the number 2 principle to success:

  1. Commitment, perseverance, determination and the drive to rise above your own procrastination… obviously number 1.  But number 2 is definitely
  2. Invest now for your passive income future using a SFXA Copy Trader



No Need To Fear

Investing can be scary at times, especially if you have had a bad experience.  But it truly is a great way to make money. Even more so when using a Copy Trader on the Forex markets.

Most of the stories you hear of people losing big in the market are from those who were over leveraging and trying to get rich quick.  Now that doesn’t work.  You don’t need a finance degree to recognize that if you over leverage it will come and bite you…

Another issue we need to weed out is short term success.  These guys and gals start posting and showing fantastic results normally because the market is trending at the time.  But what happens is they get slaughtered in the chop at the bottom or top of the trend.  Giving back all their profits.

This usually occurs because their system hasn’t been properly tested if they actually have a written system in the first place.  And they have only one system… so that when that stops working they quite simply run out of ideas and revert to basics.

So, how do you invest wisely in the market.  With so many Copy Traders and signal providers how do you know who to trust?



The problem we face in this area is our own greed.  We all want the highest return in the quickest time.

When in fact it should be these guys that we should be the most weary of.  High returns are often short lived and are followed closely by even bigger draw downs.

The first thing you need to check is that they have several systems for the different market conditions.

Secondly, are there written rules in place that are followed to the tee.  Without rules everything done in the market is a mistake.  And trading for the most part is just following rules and not making mistakes.  That’s discipline which breeds consistency and gives us success.

Thirdly, is there a Trading Plan in place.  And yes this is different to system rules.  A trading plan takes care of all the what if’s.  Taking all decisions out of the market.

And fourthly have the systems been tested both forwards and backwards.  So that the parameters have been established for knowing when to change out the systems so that they are only getting traded in the correct market conditions.


Special FX Academy Copy Trader

These are all the things we teach and make part of our daily lives here at Special FX Academy.  As part of our Copy Trader program everyone is given free access to our Trading Room.  Giving you access to the systems, trading plan and a professional trader to boot.  We don’t hide our results.  We don’t only post our winning weeks.  Every Friday we post the trading room results regardless of whether or not we are profitable.

Why?  Because we are real traders trading real money and we know only to well all the bullshit that goes on out there.  No trader wins all the time and sometimes newbie traders ( and some stalwarts) need to be reminded of that.  Because it is a part of trading you have got to get accustomed to.  Whether you trade for yourself or you use a Copy Trader.  Being unable to take losses will bring you down…

A sure fire way to know if you are unable to take losses is to notice if you struggle to trade a system without changing rules before you have placed at least 20-30 trades…

If that sounds familiar then you need to get a handle on that.  Saying you understand that losses are part of trading and actually being able to take the loss are two totally different things.  As humans we are programmed to be bad traders from childhood.  Doesn’t mean you got to stay that way.


Make Our Copy Trader Your Passive Income

Go sit on a beach and relax while we make your money for you…

We understand that real trust in another trader takes time and a lot of self management too.  Which is why we have included the Trading Room and signals service all for one price.  Get to know us and our methods with a small investment and then when you feel comfortable invest some more.

And we have made that completely possible to everyone who signs up early.  Because it is the grand opening of our newest product we are offering 50 % off for everyone who signs up before midnight 5th July.

So go here now and get our results in your account

If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email to


P.S. spots are filling up fast, don’t have this as one of your regrets… not at this price.  Seriously price doubles on the 6th no exceptions…

Our Results Your Account


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Callum McLean

Co-Founder and Trading Psychologist at Special FX Academy
Trading Psychology Coach and Certified NLP Coach. It is my belief that trading is 99% Psychological. And it is by understanding and improving your psychology, that you can be a successful trader. Success is a formula that everyone can and should learn.
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