Self-Assessment Stress Test for Forex Traders

Taking the Test

We  firmly believe that by assessing your predisposition to stress using this test, you will see possible reasons as to why you react the way you do in the market.  This series of tests will help to bring awareness of the stressors in your life, a lot of which can’t be helped. And will give you many possible ways you can reduce those stressful situations in your life and improve your protection against those stressors.

Protection against Stress is a tool we can use to lessen the effects of stress on our bodies and on our minds. We can never know what life will throw at us next. All we can do is prepare ourselves to the best of our ability. Stress has a way of showing up in your life in many guises. This could be impatience, lack of discipline, irritation and frustration to name but a few. All of which are harmful to any Forex Traders.



We often forget that we are the most important part of our Trading Strategy, our Trading Plan. If we are not performing correctly then even the best strategy in the world won’t help us to get the results we require. We believe 10 minutes here can save you a life time of stress and illness. So don’t just take the test, promise yourself to take action when you receive your personal results. It can and will make a difference to your trading and your experience of trading.

There are three separate tests within this test that when the results are pulled in together give you a very good idea of where you are now. And possible areas of improvement.

There are no right or wrong answers. Be honest with yourself otherwise the results won’t mean anything to you and will therefore be of no benefit. Don’t take too long on your answers go with you first reaction.




Internal Stress Test

Each of the following statements below might describe how you feel about your life right now. Read each statement and then click the answer that best suits how you feel about that statement. This is not a competition. There are no right or wrong answers. This series of tests will only help you if you are honest with yourself.

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1.My expectations are rather high. *
2.I feel depressed. *
3.I lose in the markets because I have difficulty making up my mind in time. *
4.I worry over little things that do not really matter. *
5.I feel satisfied. *
6.I tire rather quickly. *
7.Setbacks upset me. *
8.My problems upset me when I think about them. *
9.I feel relaxed. *
10.I tend to avoid failure situations. *

1 out of 11

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Callum McLean

Co-Founder and Trading Psychologist at Special FX Academy
Trading Psychology Coach and Certified NLP Coach. It is my belief that trading is 99% Psychological. And it is by understanding and improving your psychology, that you can be a successful trader. Success is a formula that everyone can and should learn.

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