Callum McLean

Callum McLean

Co-Founder and Co-Director of Special FX Academy, Callum is a certified NLP Coach and Forex trader.

Callum specializes in Trading Psychology and the correct mindset that leads to success in not only trading, but also in life.

Having spent the last two years working heavily on his own psychology and mindset through reading all the books and attending several of the courses in order to succeed at trading. He learnt that by putting his life in order (natural progression of the psychological work), that his trading followed suit with relative ease.

He Co-founded Special FX Academy with the intention of changing the way trading is taught at this present time in 90% of all the other courses. He describes what he does as “the missing link” in learning how to trade successfully permanently. Everyone now understands the importance of Trading Psychology and yet there are very few that teach it and far less who teach it well. The idea that every trader can just read a few books and implement the changes necessary to improve their psychology is a very big ask with very few results. Otherwise it would be only 5% of traders fail to make consistent profits, rather than the actual figure of 95%.

As he has read all the books, attended various courses, made every trading mistake there is and also having all known psychological issues when it comes to trading. This has put him in the perfect position to help others. This knowledge of what it takes to become a successful retail trader combined with him being a certified NLP coach with a passion for helping traders fulfill their potential, enables Callum to know when to teach and when to coach to get the best out of his students. He understands their needs because he has been there himself. And he has several tools and techniques that he has used on himself to solve all the issues and problems one faces when learning to trade.

Thanks to this background, he clearly saw the need for a personalized approach and devised a curriculum that will teach you the foundation, guide you through the transformation and watch as you go on to Master the realms of Life and Trading.



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